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    Hey guys, I am fairly new here, I am just getting into all this internet marketing stuff and am trying to learn from all of you and i want to say thank you for the great site and knowledge you give to everybody!

    Now as I said I do not know much about SEO or any ways of making money online but I thought to share what my idea will be and also am willing to take criticism as always and possibly help with ideas on how to make my idea even better! Here we go...

    I am an aspiring professional athlete and have a website which I made on my own (probably not the best looking but hey I am learning) so my idea was that many people around the world love sports and motivation and athletes and learning from them and their mistakes, I would start making youtube videos and of course assuming they get a lot of views and gather a lot of fans i can bring them to my website and while i am being filmed i would be wearing athletic apparel which I would have designed my self therefore people watching would be interested in buying so with that being said I would open a store on my own website so if people would like to buy they would have to go to my website (be forced to =) ) so in a way im getting traffic and sales on the apparel and from there I am hoping to grow onto more things.

    With this way I think I could be succeed because with hard work anything is possible but my question for you guys is what would you say the best ways to optimize my traffic on youtube, fb, twitter, instagram and my website, through which programs would be best suited for me, I tried to find other posts regarding athletic pages but i did not find many so it is why i am asking, thanks in advance

    I am currently injured so as soon as I am back playing I will start making videos and hopefully succeed in this journey i am taking on!

    Thank you for reading and hope to see many comments with thoughts and ideas or anything at all, I appreciate your time!
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    Good luck with your journey