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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by topskin, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Joined BHW today. I searched around the whole website today. I don't know where to start off. I recently opened my own site on opencart. I wanted to do SEO so that i could bring it up on the google search. It's not a micro niche site, it's a site for a proper business.

    The site is skinzpertdotcom

    I just dunno how to bring it up on search engine for laptop skins and custom skins, can someone tell me what i should do. Or atleast how to start off.
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    $ from websites I own.
    putting monkeys in paypal
    Being a newbie you'll never rank for "laptop skins". That's a 40500 exact search term. You have a better chance of ranking for "toshiba laptop skins", that is only 720 with less competition. The more longtail the keyword, the better chance you'll have.

    "Hello kitty laptop skin", that's 4 words ... pretty longtail. Exact search is 480. Getting that would be in your grasp ... although it is nothing that will make you rich. However, if you target 20 or 50 keywords like that, over time your site will get more traffic.

    Go to the Google keyword tool (google it) and type in "laptop skins" and scroll down to look at similar keywords ... there are a lot there that you can tackle just by putting up a decent article and a $5 fiverr SEO job.
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