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    Apr 21, 2017
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    What's up BHW, For the last 6 years I've been working on computers, doing graphic design, and web design and I'm tired of working forsomeone else its more time for me now.

    for the last year I've been peeking in and reading a lot of helpful information to get myself going, within the last year I created a blog with user submitted content and charged for site placement earning anywhere from $500 to $1200 a month but mostly closer to $500 only obtaining traffic from IG and Twitter. Nevertheless this isn't why I am here. Today I decided i wanted to create an online store based on a niche of my interest. I created a wordpress woo commerce site targeting a niche that'll easily engage target group to buy t-shirts and accessories.

    Plan on offering almost all products from printful and print aura and eventualy adding aliexpress products depending how growth is and if oberlo makes a integration plugin for Woo Commerce; they said they are dropping it in May so finger crossed.

    api is already integrated for printful and print aura

    stripe in setup for payments

    setting up newsletter sign-up to create email list

    Plan on doing FB ADS for conversions plus traffic from IG & Twitter (even though I hear TW is really dead)

    running FL for Twitter and Instagram growth

    was looking for some free keyword research tools and maybe even a "how to understand keyword strength"

    from what I understand it seems I have an unsaturated niche so hopefully i get work my way up to page one on seo

    but this being my first TRUE venture I wanted as much input and criticism as possible and idea flaws. Advice on my venture idea would be appreciate as well

    thanks all, Blankstar