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Starting my business, what am I missing?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by ch1rp, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. ch1rp

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    Jul 27, 2010
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    Im getting started in real estate sales and loans, its basically my business since I am the one who needs to find the work. I studied marketing on and offline for a while. My basic plan is to put in lots of time making contacts offline(specifically calls and doors) while I have a VA doing lots of the online marketing such as classifieds, managing social media profiles and sending replies to leads. Inbound calls are probably LOTS more easy to convert than people I personally seek out. The people I come in contact with I hope will become warmer leads with my name gaining more and more exposure and things like e-newsletters keeping in touch with them. I got some good ideas, itll take a while to implement them. Blackhat methods aren't so good as your license number is supposed to be tied to your advertisements. There are some sneaky ways around DNC list and other things though if you put some thought into it. Im not too big on the SEO side of things as I have minimal experience with it, especially since the recent google changes.

    Anyways!! Im wondering what Im missing as far as the online side of things. Ive seen some sneaky things like making multiple goog places listings to get inbound calls. Inbound calls and opt in registrations seem like what Id like to get because theyd convert so much better than cold leads. Would it be smart to make some kind of affiliate program(pay per lead opt in) or JV with a pro online marketer?

    If you were in my shoes how would you go about obtaining the best leads? Perhaps there is some killer trick Im missing out on. Fill me in guys, I love your guys' advice!


    Cold Calls/Doorknocking/Openhouses
    Social/BrokerageLeads(walkins and such)
    Signage(car and banners)

    Emails(scraped off CL), TXT(to phones on CL), guestblogposts, messages to targeted people on SM sites
    Site/Opt Ins/Blog(Driving traffic with long keywords/ppc)
    Business listings(goog places)
    Social Media/Fanpage/Video