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Oct 16, 2013
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Hello dear friends and everything! I registered last 2013 but I forgot my account and I just got it back at this very moment 04/06/2021. I am very new to internet marketing and I am hoping to find methods on how to earn real money online. I currently work at home as a data analyst on a real estate niche. I have a really bad experience on the past and until now I suffer from it I was scammed 90,000 dollars on bitcoin but its not just my money, it includes the money of my wife, my friends, my relatives so on and so forth from a friend who says that he is expert on trading bitcoin until one day he vanished and never return any money. We only see each other in the court and he always says that he will return the money for almost 4 years lol but he never return any. So that's a few things about me to cut it short, I am here as a new member starting fresh to find any method that will work for me and help other members here too if I can thank you for your time reading this and sorry for my bad English its not my 1st language. Hoping to find new friends here GODBLESS.
Not open for further replies.