Starting E-Commerce Business. Here's my planned strategy

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    Hi e-commerce experts

    I am looking to start an E-commerce business selling brand name products. I have a brick and mortar location, but no actual suppliers yet.

    I have a 2K budget, and have got the website sorted already.

    I'm thinking off uploading masses of brand name products and using ebay sellers as suppliers and then shipping them to myself to check quality, and sending them on to the customer while I build up a customer base so I can afford to stock inventory, or perhaps, should I try to find the suppliers themselves, and try to get them to drop ship.

    Is it the more products/unique content on your website, the better for attracting customers? If it is I was thinking of just making a small margin on majority of products and just using to gain rankings and visitors to site, and then heavily promote a select few products which I get from suppliers and can make high margin on?

    Also does my website need to look like I'm already making tons of money/got many visitors in order to get any suppliers?

    Are any of these strategies good or bad?

    Any advice would be awesome.

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