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Jan 28, 2015
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Hey everyone,
I am willing to start promoting CPA offers since my PPC campaigns turned out to be a complete bust. I did some reading, used search button and I think I have general knowledge on how CPA works. But I still have a few questions.
- Choosing CPA Network. I got accepted to AdWorkMedia but the site is a complete mess, I do not like the design and everything else about that place. Just my own decision to go with other network. So I did some reading and PeerFly is my next choice. My question to you - is PeerFly network is a good choice and is it legit? It requires ID and phone verification and I do not even know if they will review my application after I upload everything, so is PeerFly media worth the hassle? I have no problem providing these things but I would like to know if it is legit and worth my time.
- Where do you get your traffic? I know this is pretty abstract thing, you can get it from a lot of places but how do you make CPA profitable? PPC is out the window, I would never see any profit from it. So, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr? How hard is it to rank a video on YouTube? How do you utilise social media if you do not have a following straight out the start?
Thanks for taking the time to answer some of this.
PeerFly is Legit, Currently i use CPAleads
I think Best Convertion rate is SEO and Classified ads
I have always considered Peerfly as a newbie friendly's a good network for starters but once you ramp up your traffic and earnings then there are better options available. As for driving traffic...Youtube is a good option but it will only do wonders for a specific niche of offers for ex. Gaming....
Peerfly cannot be more legit than they are, operating for 7-8 years now, which is quite a lot in this business, their AMs are on the forum, you can ask them, just don't do anything shady or Luke/Corey will bust yo' ass

but as far as i'm concerned Adworkmedia is also a good network, just because you don't like the layout of their site, you shouldn't drop them imho
For getting traffic I suggest you to get onboard and do hardcore SEO or try out the Bing/Facebook Ads :)
Peerfly put lots of restrications on traffic for all offers. AWM is best and it converts really good.
For getting traffic I suggest you to get onboard and do hardcore SEO or try out the Bing/Facebook Ads :)
Well, honestly, if I had my way with CEO I would not be doing CPA. And if I would run ads I would never broke even.
I have only heard good things about Peerfly. I have never worked with them but I do know some that have been successful in making money with them.
Adwrok Media is one of the best CPA Networks, but it's specialised in incentive-cpa. They have VERY GOOD Conversion Rate, they have many tools,guides, and super suport. If you want to start with e-mail submit GO with Adwork Media. Why ? Because advertisers will scrub your leads on Peerfly. On Adwork Media you get paid like 0.95$ - 1.25$ per e-mail submit, but zero scrub. I had 40% conversion rate with this network promoting e-mail submits.

Start with e-mail/zip submits or with free short form registrations
Im going to try some of this, thanks you guys and good luck for the OP
lol looks like everyone agrees peerfly is a good one. I also agree
peerfly is the best ever also maxbounty .. but ?! the problem is they not will accept you as a beginner they need only professional people who drive traffic .. the best solution is to work with adwork media , cpagrip ... and best of luck :)
Peerfly is great in my opinion too. Don't even require a phone call verification. But the requirements are a bit too strict for most offers.
Peerfly is a perfect choice as they are so old in the business and I've always hear good about them.

AWM are good as well, but I prefer Peerfly for you.
I currently stick with adworkmedia, their site is old but never had any problems with them, but few years back cpalead frozen my funds like ~3000$ because my site had "fake content".
I'd suggest you utilize smaller time networks as you normally get better rates as you push more volume.
always heard good things about PeerFly. Also try Above All Offers that is also a good network by Eli.
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