Starting Article Marketing SEO Service - Looking For Long Term Partner

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    I have paid membership on these article distribution networks:

    - Unique Article Wizard
    - Article Ranks Pro
    - Article Blueprint
    - MyArticleNetwork
    - Link Blueprint
    ...and 3 more networks.

    I have used them for my personal sites and for few of big SEO clients.

    Now I want to start public article distribution service and looking for partner who will do all article entry work.

    I will pay for membership on all article distribution site and I will bring clients.
    Your part of work is to take orders, make articles and submit to all of sites, then to send report to customers.

    You can use whatever method you prefer for article generation as long as they are accepted to these sites.

    You can be single person or company.
    If you are single person you need to work full time on this as there will be many customers and many data entry work.

    Or you can be single person who will bring 3th person in this JV to do some part of your work for you.

    First month we share profit 50/50.
    Next months you get 60% of profit I get 40%.

    If you are interested please send me PM and tell me:

    - about you (where are you from, how old are you, are you single or company)
    - your experience with any of these article distribution networks
    - your general experience in internet marketing
    - why should I choose you

    Private messages without answers on these questions will be deleted.