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    Nov 21, 2014
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    Hello BHW Members,

    I have some experience in IM as i worked with CPA offers some time ago.
    Now i want to start earning some bucks on internet with Adsense.
    I bought a EMD after searching and looking some days .
    The primary keyword the one as my domain name have almost 11.000 MS with almost 2$ CPC.
    Second Keyword : 10.300 MS with almost 1.50$ cpc
    Third keyword:4.800 MS with almost 1.80$ cpc
    Fourth keyword:2.000 MS with 1$ CPC
    The competition is weak .
    I want to rank my website for those 4 keywords at least on top 5 ,building a facebook page ,twitter and tumblr.
    1)What you think about this stats ?
    2)What is the maximum capacity of this website based only from visitators/adsense.
    3)It's a good strategy ?

    Thank you very much !
    BTW:Sorry for my NOT GOOD English.

    Best regards xpozer,