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Starting a making money online website

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Smokingfilla, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Smokingfilla

    Smokingfilla Registered Member

    Jul 8, 2013
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    Ok so onto my affiliate/review side of my making money online journey I've decided to make a homebased work from home review type site.I have one website BUT I think I bit the whole cow instead of just getting a piece of a burger.I made my original site like an online market place where you can buy ALL goods online,it wasn't really a niche site just a marketplace and I hear that's not the way to go.SO I'm wondering is opening a review site for ways to make money online a good idea as a niche?I hear people talk about weight loss and dating but to be completely honest,I know NOTHING about them and wouldn't feel right promoting a site based off on them quite yet,I barely even like clickbank 100% because I've came across some "Seemingly"bogus ads for things(not sure if they were but they DEFINITELY had the cookie cutter bogus look going PERFECT).I wanna start this site in hopes of following the "Easy 100 a day"thread from 2011(the upgrade 2015 version is the feinternational site the user posted).

    IN SHORT:Is this a good idea(doesn't have to make millions,I just want to see it bringing in $2500-$5000 in profits)or am I biting too much again?If so what were some good public starter niches you guys used to get yourselves where you are now(no need to post your super niche,just one that AIDED your success,I'm not trying to steal secrets I just want a good foundation.

  2. Cajuncaucasian

    Cajuncaucasian Junior Member

    Jan 12, 2015
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    Medical Field - Wannabe be MD
    The niche each individual succeeds on is based on their knowledge within the niche.

    For example, any one can choose something like "blind niche". But since you don't know anything about being blind, your efforts will be equal to selling binoculars to blind people.

    Choose something that you know about, and have fun writing content about. Worry about providing quality content first, then worry about monetization. You'll get blinded with $$ signs, and not make shit. Do what you know how to do!
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