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    yesterday i've made a very long post (since it would the first one) and i deleted it because i thought it was to descriptive :D

    i would like to start a legit fan page, even few of them. i am thinking of getting traffic to my websites and different products thorugh linking to blog posts (even if not directly linked to my posts and blogs i would send traffic through other articles, websites and pictures). i have got few ideas and got technical background... can code in php and few other things. i also have few hundreds in facebook traffic that is effect of viral infection with knoob (or something like that) - i think it infected my domains or just my pc but after deleting virus from server (and moving to new one) i still receive hits on these domains. i have few older fb accounts, yet they were accessed from similar or same ips chanigng over time (my gf registered those to play in pet society and pass credits like 9 months ago).

    i am highly graceful on any ideas or tips on using this traffic in a best way. i do not want to make bullshit pages and then throw cpa offer and get it deleted and that is where i come to my question about tips on keeping legit fan page (i am not worried about monetization) - i mean rather growing it using what i have (just those redirects in huge daily numbers and no fb accounts with friends). and how to do it so they cooperate well with a long-term business model (i have few adult blogs and one mainstream - more coming up).

    btw. hello - been lurking around blackait for some time and black hat seo forum is simply outstanding! cheers for most of the posts and also downloads section!