Starting a CPA Network for my clients

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    Hey Guys,

    i wanted to start this thread in here, since it's jus theortical and might end as an idea.

    So where i live there isnt much SEO and it's easy to rank for all types of keywords.
    Also there arent really alot of CPA-Network around (i know about 3), which are specialized for my country.

    Now i had the idea of starting an CPA-Network for my clients, since most of them already waste their hard earned money for adwords and ads in newspaper.

    Now some times in a meeting they ask me if i would work for commision!?

    I accpeted that for exactly 1 costumer thus far, but when i start thinking of the possibilites, you know i think i could get more money than with simple offline marketing.

    So the problem about gaining people who would pay for advertisment is cleared and finding people who would show my ads would be an easy task.

    Now what concerns me is that i fear not finding a script which would allow me that. But i know there are such scrips out there...

    Please write me your toughts in a constructive manner.