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Started social site, so how to promote?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by crazymonster, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. crazymonster

    crazymonster Junior Member

    Apr 8, 2011
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    I hope this forum is correct. BHW members are really useful each other and i prove that admins are really helpful.

    Thank you for everything.

    So, we started social media site.

    What's methods for promoting you will suggest us?
    Ad f ly Advertising or?
    We want more registrarions.
    We looking for friends or site partners (exchanging links or something else).

    What's this project?

    You can use this site like marketing place - promoting videos, products, legal content.
    You can monetizing own page throught this social media site.


    They have wall with couple options - showing by posts - most liked, most commented, newest, popular posts; showing by pages - newest, most updated, popular pages; showing by your personal activity - liked posts by you, commented posts by you, saved pages by you; So, you can collect your favorite things. When you SAVE any page, you will see all new posts activity in your profile wall.

    Can choose interests - every page has category. So, you can choose your interests like Funny pages, or all categories.

    Can change profile avatar - Avatar is visible when you commenting posts.

    Can buy Points - when you like, comment posts or saving pages you get points. But you can purchase points for faster.

    Can Change Your Password


    After registration, every user can create own page and posting inside - text, photos or html content (iframes, embed, a, br,i... tags). All posts have feel emotion like (LIKE IT, RUN IT, DOWNLOAD IT...).

    Every page has statistics - like outside and inside visits, countries, counting visits in every post.
    Every page has settings - like change cover page, page description, hide or unhide page.
    Every page can be monetized - when you make 1000 visits in your page and you have 500 profile points, you can turn on monetizing for your page, will get 50%-70% commision of every advertising bid. For example: when any click on ad, which costs $0.10, you will get between $0.05-0.07.

    - Status Text - allow to send text post type. Every text post can have URL LINK
    - Status Embed - allow to send html post type. Every embed post can have URL LINK
    Allowed tags: <b>Bold text</b> <i>Italic Text</i> <u>Underline Text</u> <h3>Bigger Text</h3> <br>New Line <small>Smaller Text</small> <a href="http://madi.co" target="_blank"> ..<iframe><embed>.

    We controling all posts seriously. We want really stylize content.

    - Status Photo - you can send photo type status. Every photo post can have URL LINK

    All posts have title.

    We use bidding system. Higher bid for 1000 impression or 1 click guarantee more iteractions.

    Banner Ads - we support 300x250 / 728x90 / 160x600 sizes.
    Text Ads - we support texting messages
    Page Ad - we support promoting to your pages. This type ads use only CPM type bidding.

    We redeem advertising coupon code voucher, gave 50% more. For example, if you add $50, you will get $25 more = $75.

    We make between 200-500 visits per day in all user pages. (from social sites)
    So, we are absolutely new and we want more registrations but how to gave more ?
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  2. Asif WILSON Khan

    Asif WILSON Khan Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 10, 2012
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    If it is a Social Site then you should promote it and advertise on other social sites.
    Create apps for the other social sites that connect to your own.

    A press release will be good. Notify all blogs and sites that feature Social and Technology pages.

    Notify Mashable and TechCrunch/Crunchbase and other sites like this.