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    May 4, 2011
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    Hey guys,

    If I would like to start do dropshipping.

    1) What are the best products to start with/ top product?

    2) Where and how do I found suppliers?

    PS, don't worry Im not asking you guys to reveal your secrets and methods.
    Just looking for some tips from some experienced dropshippers.

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    You will never EVER get anyone to give you "top" products. Sorry but this is a retarded question :)

    Usually it costs a lot of money and a lot of time to find those top products and top niches. Why would I or anyone do that hard work for you?

    You just have to start doing it. Find a product that people buy online that has good margins and just start doing SEO for it. Build the site as quick as you can and as inexpensive as you can. You want to test the niche before you really start spending time and money. Just like anything in business, it is hit or miss. Even products you think will sell for sure aren't always guaranteed.

    Get enough traffic to the site where you can tell if the niche is good or not. After that ditch the site and start all over again. Repeat this ten times, thousands of hours of work and testing, lots of money and eventually you will find a good niche. Remember, each time you fail you get better. Correct and move on to the next niche.

    To find suppliers just find a competitor and see what they are selling and find the brands. Then search google, get their contact info and hit them up asking if they dropship. You will have to get a sellers permit and a business license.

    Good luck and no more dumb questions please ;)
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  3. necro

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    I have to agree with Dan da Man,

    but you can also do offline dropshipping.

    1. Search for something that sells in you country.
    2. Go to small buisnesses and present your product.
    3. Sell as middleman / brocker

    There are many ways you can make money with dropship.


    // PS: There are no dumb question, but dont exptect to get spoond feed
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    Jul 30, 2013
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    1) You should choose your niche (product) by yourself. It is commonly recommended to go for something that matches your personal interests. Even though it’s a nice decision that ensures your own long-lasting passion towards the newborn business, in order to build a profitable dropshipping webstore you should nevertheless pick products carefully and base your choice upon some reliable and measurable criteria. I recommend you to read articles from AliDropship blog: You can learn how to choose your niche properly (with step-by-srep instruction)

    2) I know about AliDropship plugin (as I work with AliExpress). - So, I search for products (not suppliers).
    To start searching and importing products in a webstore, you should install the extension for your Google Chrome browser. This extension will give you the possibility to search, import and update products from AliExpress.
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