Stagnant Instagram Followers

Feb 14, 2018
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So for about 3 months now I have been using Jarvee to automate 10 instagram accounts.
They are all in different niches, using different hashtags and using different reposting (and manual posting) strategies. I tried finding what worked best and was able to help me grow.

Some of the accounts follow/unfollow 500 per day, some 4000.
Other accounts repost 8 posts per day, some 24 per day and some 48 per day. Others are being posted on manually once or twice per day.

However, for some reason (image attached), most of the accounts are losing followers.
The only thing I could change is add more dynamic hashtags, since I am only using 20-40. Any other advice is much appreciated. Should I post less/more, should I use different hashtags, only focus on the most popular on relevant ones (like i am doing now)



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