"Squidoo" Do you LINK pages for SEO?

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    trying to wrap my mind about good ways to use squidoo

    if anyone knows the answer to any of these questions, please jump in!

    (not mine! wish it was!)

    I see this lens is the id username of the person is "classygals"
    so I click on it and she has see 180 lens! (wow!)

    if you can help me with any questions;

    ...were those created manually? or did she use SW?

    2. ...is it viable to write articles, place them in article directories
    and then link them back to a squidoo ?

    3. ...are lens almost as workable as "google blogspots"?
    I know in googles terms it says you can't use it just
    as just a "creating blogs designed to drive traffic to your site"
    which is why I believe many get "disabled"

    4. squidoo maybe they're not as "volatile" when it comes to aff
    links/promoting products?

    5. ...I see under "classygals recommends" are her own lens, with a whole variety of her niches,
    will linking them together make for better ranking? or is that standard for lens?

    6. ... can you get any decent traffic with just keyword seo on your lens and linking them together? any decent traffic?

    (sorry "classygals" for using you as an example!)

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated....!
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    6) Check her backlinks, and you will see that it doesn't comes only by writing articles, and interlinking them. You need a good Linking strategy. Backlinks from different sources. Scrapebox, XRumer, Articles, Bookmarking, Web 2.0, etc.
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    I would say that those were created manually since she joined in 2007.

    I would not recommend putting to much effort into linking back to a squidoo lens. But it really depends on what products you are promoting.

    Squidoo has really been cracking down on spam lenses and will not allow you to create lenses on gambling, weight loss, online surveys, download sites, and all kinds of stuff. Many clickbank products have been banned either by product name or keywords. World of warcraft and farmville cheat guides are considered spam.

    You might create a lens promoting a product, build tons of links and articles pointing to it, get it ranking in the serps and all of a sudden squidoo locks your lens.

    Why?....Because 1000 other people started promoting the same product and inundated squidoo with useless or spun content to gain links back to their site.

    Squidoo is fine with you linking back to your site or even adding affiliate links. But if your keywords start getting flagged as spam Squidoo will lock all lenses targeting these keywords including yours.

    Linking your lenses together certainly will not hurt you at all. If you noticed that classygal had alot of lenses related to the same subject.... "fashion"...Which in her case linking them together is really beneficial.

    Be sure to include relevant tags as this will get traffic from related lenses as well.

    Squidoo used to do real well in the search engines but are not doing so well lately. I still see some lenses ranking good with very few backlinks.

    I would use squidoo as a backlink to my main site instead of spending much time trying to get it to rank in the serps.
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