Squeeze as landing page?

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    Mar 24, 2012
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    Hey guys, I know time is of the essence so I'll keep this short.

    There's a MLM that I'm a part of and I want to do some media buying for my site and still working on the visitor flow thingie.

    So... here it goes!

    Media buying -> squeeze page -> siteurl.com/presentation (here I present the main MLM scheme)
    google -> /articles + popup squeeze page -> siteurl.com/presentation
    blogs & social media -> /blog + popup squeeze page -> ---- // -----
    offline flyers -> squeeze page -> ----- // ------

    /presentation if a long letter (5-7 pages, if not 10-12) presenting the MLM scheme. At the end of page the visitor will hopefully convert into a MLM downline member.

    That's how I was thinking of doing it.


    If 1k guys enter the squeeze and only 100 want to join as members... should I make another squeeze page for the registered members? (to give them step-by-step pdfs, plans of action, motivational thingies etc.).

    Thanks in advance for taking your time and helping me! Much appreciated!