Spun Articles the right way.....But???


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Mar 23, 2013
Hey guys

Question for you.

I have a 500 word article which I have spun to 100 articles from 65-95% uniqueness.

Theoretically, these are now 100 articles which can now be syndicates across all available submission articles, so my potential is 100 x amount of sites I know.

However, I am guessing some of the main articles sites would not allow me to submit such a similar themed article under the same account? or am I missing something. Any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance.
If you spun it more than 70% then it will be fine for you. I am also working on the same technique and my keywords are the first page on Google since last six months. I have the shopping cart website so i am working on this technique.
Are you posting all 100 articles on the same article site, or on 100 different article sites? Either way, 65% uniqueness should be fine, but you will get the most out of unique domains.
I think best would be to post them on different article sites, i personally feel that would work better. And i do the same instead of one place, its all scattered.
Ah trying to get the thread count up.

Ok so what would you guys do....
1. Output 100 unique articles and post them to 100 different submission sites manually
2. Put the spun version into UltimateDemon and let it submit a different version to as many sites as much as possible (personally not having good success with UD and submissions at the moment)
3. Another method?
3. Another method?

You can use your spin formula (not already spun articles but your text file with such tags {a|s|t|} from which you got your 100 articles) in Magic Submitter or in GSA and it will bring you as many blogposts with your spun articles as it is in your database of blog platforms or as GSA will scrape.
If you do end up getting banned, then I would either increase the uniqueness of the articles by spinning every sentence and paragraphs.
Personally, I do think that if you have a fresh article then having 5-7 good spun copies only shall be good idea to keep uniqueness of your spun content too. Further if you are having tier2/tier3 content there you can use more amount of copies.
65-70% uniqueness is nice for submission. But you have to submit them to 100 different directories for the result.
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