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Sep 20, 2012
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What we have...

At BurnerBrothers we have launched a unique service you will not find elsewhere, Spotify Plays / Promotion for musicians.

The plays are 100% real and targeted, they are unique and all by real human music fans who hear the whole song.
No bots, no fakes. It also boosts the artists stats on
Within the last 6 months we have sold over $12k+ of this service but feel it can go much much bigger.

What we are looking for...
  • I am open to partnering up with someone who can market the service / packages and get it in places where I have no experience. i.e. JVZoo, ClickBank, Affiliate sites, etc,.
  • Hard site affiliates - We can set you up your own wp site with everything pre built and designed. All you do is drive traffic and get sales. We take care of the rest.
  • I am also open to selling the method / tools for the right price.

Would also like to hear of any other ways people would like to get involved. Cheers.

Feel free to PM, reply or add theburnbros on Skype.

I do a number of creative things one of them is write music as well as online marketing. I would love to see how this works as I agree there is huge potential. Infact it is something I have been thinking of getting into. Do you perhaps have a website or can you provide more details?

Not open for further replies.
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