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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by psychodelic2, May 3, 2012.

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  1. psychodelic2

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    Sep 29, 2011
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    Hi Fellas,

    Being also an independent record label known as Sonic Tantra Records, we recently launched all our content on spotify music. It is indeed looking great. We have for years been needing a service that would pay better rates for having our artist's music heard in streams.

    It seems Spotify is paying 0.5 cents per track played.
    Well the track in question will recieve 0.5 cents everytime somebody plays it for the 1st time each month.
    We got more than 50 tracks online at the moment.

    We need a partner to make for us more audience or a BH method to generate more plays.

    We dont mind sharing revenue if you can give us good results and want to join me.

    Or well you are free to upload content to spotify yourself and generate hits to yourself. however getting there is not easy as i reckon you have to genuinely create music to be there.

    (I can offer to create groovy house music tracks for you guys as well!!, for a price.. PM me and i can help you establish musical content to push, publish and monetize for this platform).

    I'm pretty much open to discussion on Spotify here and my intention is to make money with you.

    cheers n peace

    PS - Here you can play our content on spotify and generate 0.5 cents per song heard for me :) well incase you are into psychedelic trance haha :p

    Edit - Going thru the stats again, the numbers keep jumping around between 0.01 - 0.83 US$ per play (US plays generally lower than Europe Plays)..
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  2. duzkiss

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    May 28, 2012
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    Hello. The actual rate paid to an Artist on Spotify is .002 to .01 while the rate can be substantially higher for the distribution holder of the material such as your label. I've upload my music as an independent "Artist with my Label" through a direct deal with Spotify and an indirect deal using 9 different aggregators (CDBaby, TuneCore, RouteNote, so on). I find the direct deal to be significantly less than the aggregator system yet I have greater control of the distribution process (changing covers, updating songs, etc...). Also the payout depends on several factors:

    1) Are the subscribers/users Web users or Mobile Users?
    2) Are they Paid subscribers or Trial subscribers?
    3) Are they listening to the song from beginning to end?
    4) Is the song followed by a commercial?
    5) Is the song in a playlist and does that playlist include other artists that are featured?
    6) Does the song being played have significant "STARS"
    7) Was the song being played released through a small aggregator vs. a Major Distributor such as UMG, Sony or Warner?
    8) Is the song on several playlists throughout Spotify?
    9) Is the song being shared throughout social networking or was this song played because of a widget?
    10) Is this song being played by a FAN of your page or a New potential FAN.

    If the criterial is correct from 1-10, then the payout is much higher than a person who only has two of these bullet points. Once any artist receives 50,000 plays or more...on a song...the payout increases. I hope this made sense. P.S. Social is the KEY to greater payout so are internal apps.
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