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Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by JohnnyMantus, Feb 1, 2012.

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    I just signed up for sponsoredtweets, everything was
    OK, then when I went into my account minutes later,
    This is the message I got:

    Your account has been permanently deactivated. Reason given: Deactivation overview: Content for the account is provided by bots

    I didn't have tweet attacks on since before, but
    can they tell if I been using it to build my account
    on twitter? How do they know, if this is the case here?

    OK, I just got the heads up, that it's most likely
    because my last so many tweets had affiliate links in them...
    Also, maybe because I haven't sent any active tweets
    in some time ..

    Well, I hope I can send some tweets without links
    and get another account activated

    O damn, now my twitter .. a few accounts have been
    suspended LOL .. Too aggressive with following
    but I am taking care of that ..

    Before signing up for sponsored tweets, make sure
    your last 20 tweets on account your signing up with
    don't have affiliate links in them, because sponsored
    tweets checks them...

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