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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Casey101, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Casey101

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    Oct 13, 2010
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    This is a method that I have personally used and I can assure you that it works quite well. It's very simple and just takes a little time sending messages:

    Youtube directors (the people who produce video content on youtube) aren't used to making much money off their content, and there are very, very few of them making use of affiliate marketing. Unless they hit it big, and release a video that gets tens of thousands of views, they don't make much at all off of the adsense ads shown against their videos. You can use this to your advantage.

    First, think about the product that you are trying to promote and think about your target audience. Are they male or female, young or old? Maybe you are targeting high-income earners, or maybe going for volume with a cheaper product. Once you've identified the type of person you are trying to target, do a quick Youtube search for people who may have channels that would be viewed by this type of person.
    For instance, I was targeting males ages 16-30 for a gaming website so I decided I would check the gaming niche. I did a search for "Black ops montage". This is basically a video where someone posts edited gameplay and people comment on it. It's nothing fancy, but videos like this often get tons of views-- especially for the bigger channels.
    Pick out some of the videos with more than 10K views, and look at the channels that posted them. If they have more than 20K subscribers or so, and they are getting video views, send them a message asking them if they would be interested in doing a promo video. Tell them that you will pay them $0.X per person that _____ (creates account, etc). I paid 10c per person that visited my gaming website and created an account.

    Using this method, I have sponsored videos that sent more than 2000 targeted signups to my site in under an hour... for $200 :cool:

    All it takes is a little time to find people who want to work with you. Setup a form letter, customize it, and start sending messages!

    Feel free to ask questions here in the thread and I'll do whatever I can to help! I'd love to help others implement this method as it's quite fun watching the flood of traffic when the video drops!