spintext plugin for wp?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by schleprock, Mar 13, 2016.

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    I notice there are some spintext plugins for WP. Can anyone recommend a good, simple one.

    All I want is to put a widget at the end of my main content with my homepage link and several KW phrases and the brand I want to rank the home page for.

    This way I always have a link back to my index page and I get to promote 5 or 6 different KW phrases across 70 or so blog posts.

    Do you think it would be best to title the link:

    Index - KW phrase
    or just use
    KW phrase
    or maybe
    Site name a blog about KW Phrase


    maybe it is better to just use longer KW phrases in a tag cloud and not use any spintext at all.

    Would anyone care to give me some advice on this.

    by just using my site name (brand) as the link in my footer I rank #1 in Google for it with zero to almost no other link building. Maybe I don't want to give that up at all.

    This whole thing started when I switched themes and noticed that this one does not have a footer. (also, footer links are supposed to suck)

    Anyway, I would appreciate any advice anyone would like to offer. Thank you.