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    Hi all,

    This is my first share for BHW and probably more for newbies like myself.

    When spinning articles I got a little annoyed with the time it was taking to spin the URL's with the target anchor keyword/keywords and then adding the bold, itallic and underline tags to make each spun version different.

    So I put together this spreadsheet together which took about 15 mins to do and should save me alot of time as it can take this long to add these tags to just one keyword.

    I've laid it out in a 3 step plan:

    Step 1: Add your URL's and Keywords in the relevant cells (I've created 3 different areas with 7 different permutations in each as I normally target 3 different keywords in every article I create but you can add more if you wish)

    Step 2: Automatically creates a list of 7 <a href HTML codes with all the variations and combinations of bold, itallic and underline)

    Step 3: This is the bit you want to copy and add to your article spinner and it creates the spinnable syntax with the {|} added to the HTML code. (I've colour coded them red, blue and black)

    The pay off for this is it took my 15mins to create and test and it probably takes this long per keyword to copy and paste all the URL's, Keywords and tags to creat these 7 different variations.

    This is just a simple spreadsheet I made using the Concatenate (merge cells) command and it will help me out immensly so I thought I'd share.

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    HTH you out

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