Spinning Scraped Content vs Newswire Content

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    I have a Python program that can download ~ 1000 Assciated Press articles per minute to my database, I need to spin the article text as well as the title before I post it to my blog.

    I have heard that autoblogs are not generating as much as they used to, but is this because people are using out of the box wordpress plugins?
    How different do I need to make the AP articles for them to be original content?

    How many articles do I need to publish in order for my autoblog to be profitable. I have seen other users here say that they have 300 autoblogs, could I use only one autoblog that has millions of pages of content and get similar results?

    With an autoblog that is using custom spinning and scraping technology how much revenue do you think I could do daily if I post 100k new articles?

    Will google ban me?