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    Probably already mentioned in this Forum. Apologies if it is.

    I decided this evening to try using the comments spinner in SB to generate some unique-content articles spun from one of my wordpress Blogs.

    Works really well. All I did was paste my original article into a clean notepad, then I backspace deleted all the carriage returns so it just looked like one long sentance (possibly unnecessary but I did it that way anyway) Opened commenter in SB, loaded an empty comment box, gone to WYSIWYG, pasted my article and added all my alternative spins, some of which are very long. Put back the paragraph breaks where I want them.

    Then just 'preview'. highlight the the text, copy and paste it to open office word or whatever WP you use. (if you use notepad you'll not get nice line feeds), save as article 1. Back to SB, hit spin. highlight the new text and copy and paste it into word as article 2 and so on. You'll have to use your keyboard CRTL-C and CRTL-V as scrapebox doesn't seem to recognise right-click within WYSIWYG viewer. Not a problem.

    I reckon my quick little effort this evening has saved me hours and hours of tedious work and I haven't had to bother finding a new program to do it.
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