Spinnerchief + Scheduled Emails = Reinstated Facebook Account

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    Fortunately there is hope for those of you out there for those of you who have not only been banned, but permanently banned from Facebook.

    I justifiably suffered the ban-hammer HARD about a year ago, but was able to successfully reinstate my account by writing a formal letter to Facebook's DC public affairs office.

    Fast forward 10 months later and I had avoided suffering any new warnings, but it was creating a FB page before a competitor who lodged a false IP infringement claim that would prove to be my undoing.

    For the first month I sent the same email each week from the same address to disabled at facebook.com, ip at facebook.com, appeals at facebook.com and info at facebook.com. I received a reply to my first email, but any follow up emails were ignored.
    [Note that I have already (obviously) moved on to other accounts, but wanted to gain a little more insight into this process.]
    During the following two weeks I set up a campaign with 5 spun emails requesting reactivation. I scheduled these emails to be sent twice weekly at random from the primary account associated with the disabled account.

    I manually checked the account after a week, 10 days and 15 days and low and behold my account was reactivated.

    I am unable to determine the specific time that it occurred between day 10 and 15, but am reasonably confident that it has nothing to do with the amount of time, but rather the person reviewing the account and that the system does not block/ban the email address, but rather the same text, which was the problem I faced during the first month.

    For the haters out there, I have since repeated this test with other accounts and found that the amount of time that has passed doesn't seem to have anything to do with accounts that have been repeatedly banned.

    The implications here are huge -- rather than go through the BS process of identifying friends, simply setup a campaign for your disabled accounts!

    Long Live #FFF - Fuck Facebook Friday.
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    oh shoot gj bro

    I have had a few FB accounts banned and that this is great news.
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    this one is cool