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    say i write a 1000 word article.

    I spin it heavily - every single word has a bunch of synonyms and the title is spinned as well

    I create a wordpress blog and run a script to automize the posting of spinned articles, say, 5 a day.

    Let's assume that out of 1 heavily spinned article i make around 300 articles, each having length of 1000 words.

    The articles are NOT in english.
    I am aiming to be listed in NON-ENGLISH Google SERP


    Do you guys think Google would not catch me and consider all those articles being unique?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in advance!:D
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    Well the articles will be "unique" in a way, but totally unreadable

    I am still not convinced that "duplicate content" is a bad thing, i have tons of websites that have the exact same content than other websites and I always rank well, also long-term.

    For me it is just a question on how you present your content... If you add many dynamic features on a page where the duplicate content is, like latest comments, news, suggestions etc etc

    Is that duplicate content than still duplicate, or only parts of it? You be the judge of it, but in my experience it doesn't even matterif you ahve a lot of duplicate content on your own website even, if you present it in a completely different way than the websites where the content opriginally came from you surely won't have problems.

    And that is for your own website... If you only want to post on article directories etc original content doesn't make your link being worth more or so... The only reason for using spun content could be that some article directories check for that and dont accept your article if it isnt unique enough.

    That being said, yes... for article directories use spun content, for your own website...no way. Just present good quality content in a different way and your sites will perform much better.
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