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Spin Rewriter (and similar programs)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by FoxMulder2014, Oct 14, 2015.

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  1. FoxMulder2014

    FoxMulder2014 Newbie

    Oct 4, 2015
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    (old thread had complaints about thread digging)

    If it does what it says, it would rather easy to run a man one site, even more. I've a webhost and couple Wordpress sites in the works. I got some ideas for them. I can lay-out and create them.

    But content is the problem, in the past I relied on volunteers but that was a mess. Don't have the funds to hire pro-writers for a money that as of now costs money. Not much, just the server and some domain names.

    Problem is I can't fill one of my own by myself. I could have game/movie/whatever review site, but my output would be limited and overshadowed.

    I tried to have a site on geopolitics. News relating to geopolitics, war, the new cold war(?) if there's is such a thing.

    A tool like that would come in handy to create the bulk of the minor news. So I could concentrate on interviews and personal opnions pieces (obviously you can't use it for a personal opinion piece)

    A football (soccer for you Americans) page.

    But how good does it work?
    Some critism I read is:

    Problem: Often the original article shine true.
    Solution: Being fluent in 2 languages and little German & French. Since multiple languages seems supported I could use Dutch, for example to create an English article.
    A translate/rewrite from Dutch to English or vice versa would remove the last traces of the original article. Espcially when I change a few thing in the text, or add a paragraph, and when I disagree with a part, delete it or add something extra, even write a part of it myself.

    Problem: Words out of context, some strange reading sentences, etc.
    Solution: Well, every publication needs an editor-in-chief to fix it up before publishing.

    Am I missing something. It sounds to easy accept crazy prices of hundreds to almost thousands of dollars. I has to *really* good to deserve such a price.
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