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    Hello there,

    I am new to spinning the articles , So I am confused a bit how to make sure the amout of article that can be spun with any spin software like TBS or Spinner chief, with out repeating .

    If suppose I am having a 500 word article with 5 paragraph .
    If i rewrote each para 2 times (excluding the original paragraph ) which makes 2 more additional variation


    PARA 1

    Para V1 (1st version of the para 1)
    Para V2 (2nd version of the para 1)

    PARA 2

    Para V21 (1st version of the para 2)
    Para V22 (2nd version of the para 1)

    like so ........

    and after that if i add synonyms for each of the word (what ever word possible ) then how many unique article i can spin out of this with out repetition . how to make sure it is unique.

    Is there any way to calculate this any software.

    Thanks in advance
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    Is Everything
    SpinnerChief will tell you what percent unique you have and generally, if I get above 65% unique, I get really good acceptance rates submitting these articles through AMR. I'm not saying that these things will pass copyscape (I actually don't know because I haven't checked) but they definitely suit my purposes :D