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    What Is This Thread About And What Will You Get Out Of It
    Let me tell you upfront. I am not the know it all when it comes to marketing.
    It is my hobby though and I read all kinds of work until I know it inside out.
    That includes direct mailing advertisements from the 1920?s. I picked up a
    thing or two and I would like for you to get a taste of it. I can?t write it all down
    Because that would be the size of a book but I would like for you to read this
    anyway. In the end you will be able to captivate your prospect through your
    Headline and funnel them straight in to your sales copy. You will then take their
    minds and make them imagine themselves with your product. After they are
    done reading your copy, it will either feel like they already own it or like they
    need to get it and the came up with it all by them selves. If you read nothing else
    read the part where I talk about headlines and then take a look at this thread title.

    Prospect Research Like A Private Eye

    You want to become your prospect. You want to know their inside out.
    You want to know exactly what goes on in their minds on a day to day basis.
    To do this, you need to research at least the following.
    We call this a demographic profile or a demographic.
    My standard demographic consist of the following details:

    • Gender
    • Age
    • Education
    • Annual income
    • Monthly spending budget
    • Family, husband/wife, kids, own property
    • Their problems, do research on dedicated forums
    Essentially you become the prospect

    Headlines And Thread Titles Are The Aorta Of Your Copy
    What are these good for? Just make them descriptive and slap them on right?
    Right, sort of. There are a couple of things you need to take into consideration.
    Let me start with the amount of words in a headline. Now this is not an exact science.
    Rule of thumb is that the most effective headlines are between 6 and 12 words long.
    But that fact will not magically make your headline effective.

    Really, what is the purpose of a headline? To answer that question you need
    to understand that on average 5 times as many people read the headline as
    read the body copy. The headline makes the prospect read the bodycopy in the first place.
    So, it needs to make the reader WANT to click on it and read the copy. The only
    way that will happen is when you make a promise in it. A promise is not a claim.
    A promise is a benefit and the product needs to deliver on that promise.
    Also, your prospect want to understand what you say immediately.
    That means, keep your headline simple. Don't be a smartass or a funny man.
    Lame jokes and intricate playing with words will not give you results.
    People are always interested in something new. Be it a completely new solution
    to a problem or a new version of some software.

    The First Paragraph Saves Your Life
    Well, not really. But it will be the first thing your prospect reads and it
    will make or break the effectiveness of your copy.
    You see, readership will almost not drop after the first 50-500 words.
    This means that the first or first two paragraphs need to get your prospect
    hungry. Wet your prospects lips and make them wonder how to get the benefit
    you promise.

    10 Words Are Worth A 1000 Pictures
    Wait, what? Yes, if you do not use images in the right way you will harm
    you copy rather than enforce it.
    How does that work? Well, if you use an image in your copy, it will be the
    first thing the prospect sees, therefore if you use a picture that doesn't
    suggest a story or doesn't complement the words of your copy,
    the prospect might ignore the copy all together because he cannot understand
    the image and becomes irritated.
    Also if you use a image, always use captions with them. Make sure the caption
    is miniature advertisement for your product. Twice as many people will read
    the image caption as do bodycopy.
    What I am trying to say is this, if not 200% sure about image, don't use it.
    Don't make the mistake of using an image because you think you have to.

    Closing The Sale
    After you sold the prospect, the final thing for you to do is to close him.
    You'll need one or multiple call for actions, a BIG red button that says
    buy me now. The important thing is that you make it obvious you want them
    to undertake an action, whether it is to click the button or to download
    a freebie I don't care. Just make sure you clearly tell them what to do!
    If you decide to offer a bonus or a freebie make sure that you don't use
    the word 'free' in your copy. Anywhere. This makes the bonus or freebie
    look cheap. Instead use 'at free of cost to you' and state the retail
    price of it.
    All I can say is, close close close.

    General Rules Of Thumb

    I would like to end this with some general pointers you can take and run with.
    First off, fear motivates. Fear of losing something, fear of missing out or
    even actual psychological fears. As long as you offer the prospect a real
    sure fire, step by step plan to remove that fear or the cause of the fear,
    it will motivate the prospect suffering from that fear, to undertake action.
    If you fail to present an actionable plan the fear will paralyze the prospect
    and you will sell nothing.

    Everybody knows you really need social proof, whether it is in the form of
    testimonials and/or smartly embedded in your body text. Sometimes however
    I see copies that make use of negative social proof. Let me give an example:
    "80 percent of the people still uses polluting fuels, don't be one of them!".
    Now this seems like a sentence that makes perfect sense and it does. Unless
    you want to convince your reader not to use those fuels. How so you ask?
    If you tell them 80% of the people are doing it, your reader will not give
    it a second though because he is already doing the same as the majority of
    the population. Now if you still want to use that 80% in your copy, simply
    invert it. "1 in 5 people these days are using environmental friendly fuels, join us!"
    You see what I did there? I took the 80% negative social proof and converted
    it to 20% or 1 in 5 positive social proof. Just so you know, I am not making
    this stuff up, there has been extensive research done on this subject I am just
    too lazy to look it up right now to show you. Just Google it.

    Less is more, unless we're talking about my bank account of course ;)
    Don't present your prospect with too many options, it will confuse them and
    render them indecisive. So what is too much? Depends on the gravity of the
    consequences of the choice. If we are talking about $100k worth of a decision
    3 options may already be too much. The less risk to the decision the more options
    you can give them. Generally no more than 6 though. Unless you sell icecream.

    Don't be an asshole. Sorry, I don't mean it like that, but I do actually.
    When you want to let people know who you are don't talk about yourself in the
    first person. If you talk about how much success you've had and about all your
    incredible accomplishments you will come off as less likable.
    Instead write a biography in the third person or let yourself being introduced
    by someone else. A biography in the third person is also highly copy and paste-able
    for anyone that wants to write about you. Just so you know.

    You know what; I am going to keep this thread up until it has 2000 views.
    After that I will close it because I don't want this knowledge to become widely
    spread. So better save this to your HDD right know!
    See what I did there? I applied the principle of scarcity. I am using your
    fear of being too late to read something valuable. This is done very often in
    saleletters and landing pages by limiting the amount of copies sold or limiting
    the timeframe in which the offer is available. To use it seems a marketing scheme
    and it is, but it still works. Did you save this yet?

    Let me tell you. You will not gain anything from this thread BUT if you don't read
    it, it will cost you at least $20,000 every year by not implementing the techniques
    I describe and thus losing out on sales!
    You see, people prefer not losing anything, over gaining something. What I am trying
    to say is that people are much more afraid of losing something they already have than
    they are interested in gaining something. This is called loss aversion, Google that shit.

    You may have read some other threads and they have somewhat good stuff in them and they
    will explain some details on marketing. They are somewhat useful but nothing
    like this one. This one features 2000 words of raw information and applicable techniques
    that you can implement straight away.
    I am talking to you about headlines, first paragraph, the favorable length of your copy,
    using images in your copy, making people click that buy button, using fear to motivate
    your prospect, how to reverse negative social proof to your benefit, how to introduce
    yourself and not look like an asshole, the principle of scarcity, loss aversion, how many
    option you should offer your prospect and I could keep going on, but let me ask you this:
    Do you like my thread better than the above mentioned? That is because I used perceptual
    contrast to make my thread look better than those others. You see, I am sure those other
    threads cover some the same things I am talking about, however, I presented them with far
    less detail than I did mine. I simply told you that those other threads have some good stuff
    in them and then I went on about all the things I cover and I named most of them.
    This made my thread look more favorable because I supplied so much more details when I
    described it. Perceptual Contrast, Google away ladies!

    You know what, I am about done, and this post is waaaay to long. Or is it?
    As the most of us know, long copies sell. When you look at vendor pages, they go on and on and on.
    Does that really work, well yes, you are still reading this after 1500 words no?
    All kidding aside, if you know how to write and sell, yes longer copies sell more.
    Why is that? Because a great copy writer can sell a product in every line he writes.
    Every word has been thought of. The whole copy is a very meticulous planned strategic plan to sell.
    I like the saying, the more you tell, the more you sell. I am not sure who said it first though.
    You just need to know how to tell a story...

    Ok that is it for now, I don't have a call for action other than to say, think about all this
    and let me know what you think.

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    nice share dude! thansk for taking the time to put the info together and pasting it here
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    looking nice just reading it will reply you again. thanks
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    You're most welcome buddies...
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    Wallet Inspector
    In my mom's basement
    Good stuff. Some really good points there.
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    This is great advice - but I will say that those long sales pages really turn me off.

    I'm not the most savvy guy out there by a long shot, but when I see the big red bolded text, the testimonials, the picture of the dorky guy with a ferrari and a huge cheque, and all especially loss-aversion tactics, I just leave the page.

    I think to myself - why are they trying so hard to convince me of all this, doesn't the product stand on its own merits?

    I hope I am not the only one who wants to mind-puke when I see those ridiculous long sales pages.

    Thing is, I know they must work because they are so common. Personally, though, I never trusted them and I still don't.
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    Thank you so much for your reply, I agree completely!
    You see, the way I read your comment it seems that you are not put off by the length of the copy but by the content.
    If it would be a well written, captivating, good flowing text instead of fluff just to fill the page, you would read it all.
    Instead those pages overdo every single marketing technique to the point they hurt sales.
    I hate them.
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    C'mon guys, is there no one else with an opinion or are you too lazy to read it all? ;)
    I know it is a long read, but sometimes I just can't help myself haha!

    Let me know what you think and perhaps share some copy writing techniques of your own!

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    crash test dummy
    Israel. it's in the middle east and full of nutter
    seems it depends on your target country, UK buyers HATE those long 'guru' pitches and are VERY skeptical buyers.
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    Thanks for the article share...

    "Like a boss" - sounds like its right off an Andy Jenkins promo. Is it fair to say you like that whole group (along with Frank Kern, Koenigs, and so on) or do you have other modern guys you like to fresh copy skills?
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    Yes thank you for pointing this out as well. The target geographic location and culture is definitely very important. You can't pitch the same way to Asian, Northern American and European prospects. You should really get to know the target audience culture when you compile your demographic profile.
    Thanks buddy.
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    Hehe actually, I was looking at a Stabilo Boss marker when I was writing this. I use markers to highlight certain parts of ad copies I study. But you are right, the phrase is often used these days and I think that's why I connected the word on the marker to the phrase.
    Actually, I don't really study modern day copywriters. I like to study the old direct mail ads from Eugene Swartz and David Ogilvy and such people.
    Most of their techniques are still often used and abused in sales letters these day without the writer really understanding the social psychological intention of those techniques.

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    Thanks for taking the time to put this together for us.

    Really great outline to refer to when when writing a sales letter or writing a compelling article.

    The only thing that would make this really get the attention of other members of the forum would be to CHANGE THE HEADLINE...

    "Learn How To Write Sales Copies Like A Boss!!"

    You said:

    "The headline makes the prospect read the bodycopy in the first place. So, it needs to make the reader WANT to click on it and read the copy."

    So many so called bosses are not only clueless when it comes to writing good copy but a majority are just incompetent assholes. They usually get promoted until they reach the point where they are no longer considered for any further promotions and have reached the point of being promoted to their level of incompetence. They often become bitter and pissed off and consequently fuck with everyone below them.

    You set the bar way to low with your headline.

    I'm sure that the majority of us already feel that we surpassed the bosses competency and abilities in all areas years ago.

    Some headlines off the top of my head

    The Easy Way to Write Winning Sales Letters

    Cash-in on Clients Who Need Sales Letters

    The Easiest Method to Write Excellent Copy

    Learn the Secret of Writing Professional Sales Letters

    Learn How to Write $3,000. Sales Letters

    Learn How to Get Paid $3,000 for Your Next Sales Letter

    Spend 5 Minutes Reading This Post and Write Winning Copy
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    Great job pointing out my own flaw there!
    I am going to put your suggestion to the test.

    Thanks buddy!
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    Jan 2009
    Jan 2009
    it aint blue it aint true!;)