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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by pooinmyloo, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Hi all.

    I'm working on a site for a client and there's a specific thing I'm trying to accomplish. I know I've seen such a thing on other sites but was wondering whether anyone knew of a plugin or simple script which would make the job easier.

    The client in mind engraves headstones. He has given me a choice of different inscriptions to help the bereaved in choosing theirs. I would like the person to be able to chose an inscription from 3 different categories by, say, clicking a tick box or radio button and that choice to automatically populate a picture of a headstone below the available options.

    For instance, if someone chose: 'In Loving Memory Of' then that would auto populate the top part of the image of a headstone before they went on to the rest of the memorial inscription. In the end the image would show the headstone with all three of their chosen fields in order.

    It's probably a lot to ask for, but maybe someone on BHW has come across something similar. I know I've seen sites that sell Tshirts with this type of feature.

    If not, we're working on a very tight budget but if someone thinks they could develop a plugin that would do this then please let me know.