Special Facebook program needed - find friends of friends.

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by hockeyscout, May 19, 2015.

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    I need to find a program for Facebook.

    Basically this is what to do:

    1. Get a bot or program log into my Facebook

    2. I enter an ID of a person (a basketball player), and up comes his friend list (which generally has opponents and teammates he plays against as friends)

    3. I want to find the ID's for all of his teammates (the roster), so I enter in the 12 names the kid plays with, and maybe even the rosters from the summer camps he's been to, or elite tournaments, and bingo (I get all the ID's in one second)

    4. I then need it to spit out the matching names, and the ID links for the players names I entered into the system.

    Is their software I can buy that does this? Right now I have to search every player manually and it takes way to much time. A bot that could match this up for me would be great. Suggestions?
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    What's your budget?
    If you can do the above manually it can definitely be automated, the question is if it's worth it and how much you're willing to spend for it :) Alternately you can just learn how to build a basic bot yourself, there are tool that help a lot with this nowadays.