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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by luca6899, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Hey, another question :eek:

    Imagine I sent out 1k links to my web 2.0, and 400 links to my article (lets say ezinearticles) and I link from the web 2.0 and the article to my money page.

    HOWMANY links can I send out a day, and then actually GET THEM INDEXED after sending them out with RSS feeds. Should I get them indexed lets say 200 a day with RSS, or ALL, or 50 a day? What should the speed more or less be for a blogspot blog, or a squidoo page? not a brand new domain.

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    Just test and see what works for you.
    Presuming you are not trying to rank the web2.0, but just using is to filter links, then feel free to spam it to hell, who cares if it gets sandboxed.

    If you are using an automated tool to link spam, i suggest creating a 3rd layer of web2.0 to hit on your initial runs, then collect the autoapproved links / links that stick and run those to your 2nd layer (primary web2.0s).

    Why? Because if you piss off a forum/blog owner and they report you to the web2.0 site, chances are they will delete your site.
    With a 3rd layer, any that get deleted - big deal who cares, and those that dont will pass link juice to your 2nd layer, which in turn passes back to your money site.