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    Since my autoblog started growing at about 200 posts a day, I've started noticing various levels of poor grammar, and I'm not talking about simple mistakes here, I'm talking oh my God what the hell IS that?

    An example:

    "Great piece of posting. I liked you article lots. Good to notice postings like that one."

    What the fuck is that about???? Who talks like that?

    I'm not grammatically perfect, and not a lot of English-speaking people are, but for crying out loud, this is utterly shameful. Do these people not spin their comments before sending them out?

    If you have a very low success rate on comment approval, may I suggest that you check your grammar? Or at least ask an English-speaking person to do it for you? Posts like the one above are 9 times out of 10 NOT going to be approved and you ARE wasting your time. Here is an example of a generic, properly constructed, spinnable comment. You can spin this a thousand times and it will still look good, human and readable, and not like it was written by a fucking 4 year old. I have a massive success rate with this one:

    {Hey!|Hi!|Hello!|Hey, how's it going?} I really {liked|enjoyed} {looking around|looking at|reading|looking through} your {blog|site|website}. {In fact,|As a matter of fact,|Actually,} it's {a lot|a little|a bit} like {mine!|my own!} {Feel free to|Please feel free to|Why don't you|If you want you can} come and {check it out,|see it,|take a look,} and {maybe|perhaps} leave {a comment.|some comments.|your comments.} It's always {good|great|nice|encouraging} to {hear|get|receive} {constructive|helpful} criticism from {random strangers,|random visitors,|random readers,|strangers,|visitors,|other webmasters,|other website owners,|other blog owners,|other bloggers,} {wouldn't you agree|don't you think|isn't it}? {Keep on blogging!|Keep up the good work!|Keep on posting!|I'll be back!|See you later.|Bye for now!}
    Feel free to use this btw, and if you need a little help with English grammar, for crying out loud either ask, or get a phrasebook. Online translation services DO NOT WORK! The reason? Translation services don't understand CONTEXT. All translations are literal. Seriously, find other ways to translate your comments, because spammer grammar is ruining it for everyone.

    Compare these two comments:

    Hey, I really enjoyed your blog. It was very interesting and had lots of useful ideas for me. I will be visiting again, and have added a trackback. Good work!
    Hello, I really enjoy your blog. It was much interesting, and had a large amount of useful ideas on behalf of me. I will be coming again and have additional a trackback. Good place of employment!
    Come on, which one would YOU approve?

    Rant over.
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    I would approve neither, in fact neither would get past akismet.

    Still, you have a valid point about grammar :D
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    lol smartarse. But you get what I'm saying.
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    It's sad that the people (bots) who post these comments just rush trough. Take your time when creating something! (made such mistakes in the past)
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    Dude, these are lexical and syntax problems. The grammar is impeccable. But it's laughable, you're right. I usually automatically block anything under 2 sentences that contains 2 of the following in any combination: 'this', 'it', 'that', 'will', 'coming', 'need', 'college', 'school' and 'homework'. This takes care of 90% of the nonsence so it makes our job easier.

    The rest I usually let slide because it's content and we all like that. I don't have a problem if the guy can promote his stuff intelligently. Also the human visitors don't think the webmaster is a moron.