spam link redirection

Nov 30, 2018
Hi there

So im still looking for a solution because instagram recently changed something in their politics,so the direct offer spam links sent in DM are not working anymore. Or barely working? Please,do anyone knows which link shortener to use? Instagram do often break and block my google,bitly,bitdo links,so the user cant get to the offer. I already started to lose money daily because of this stupid shit. Those shorteners are actually working for some users,and for the others they wont work. I dont even know why it's working or not working,seems like it's a pure random thing. Sometimes stupid instagram shows to the user that the page is not found or similiar,and sometimes it's working,it takes user to the offer straight. This is really retarded,what are they doing even? They did not completely blocked the shortened links,but the links also wont work for some stupid reason? Their DM system is such a bullshit right now,because it's working and not working,it's just a pure random thing or if i have some luck?! So so stupid problem. I would like to know is there any way to bypass that stupid system and send the offers to users,but not through the landing page?
How do you mean man? I need to send the offers links to people directly,that works the best. Direct spam links worked on the Instagram DM until one month ago...
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