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Source Integrated to make easy money!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by tradesteady, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. tradesteady

    tradesteady Registered Member

    Feb 28, 2012
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    To makes an easier money than Ads or others,seems we should integrated the sources we could totally control and make it become our advantages from others,here we're sincerely looking for some friends to work together,shortly,now what we have as follow:

    1. Enough sources for many kinds of goods from Chinese factory directly or the gadgets you could imagine&find
    2. Magento e-Business Website building technical
    3. Some good network promotion skills and good seo sense
    4. Huge customers info account collection (we may think of a way to make them become our fans)
    5. Good executive force.

    so now you could PM me for the co-operation if you have any of the followï¼›
    1. Have enough SNS fans accouts such as FB,TW,Pin,Thefancy,Youtube,Tumblr or other Web 2.0
    2. Have good skills&sense to promote products' Money site
    3. Have fatwallet ets. account to release deals or you're going to register it and post
    4. Have good sense of products and get to know what's popular on SNS or what will be fashion on USA/CA etc. market
    5. Have good site group source could offer high quality links support
    6. Good executive force.
    7. Anythings other could do help to promote the money site will be also warmly welcomed.

    Glad to know if you're interested in this and it's wonderful if we could work together with all our sources integrated to make it valuable at the most.we may have a new site to promote with some evaluated products of profit or could also promote a mature site already have some popular gadgets,other solutions will be ok if it's available without great hardness.

    Whatever,Just PM me and get all the things further talked. lol...!!!

    (Sorry if this thread post here is not in the right sector,just remove it to the right board with thanks!)