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Mar 15, 2011
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Thanks for all the help yesterday, now viewed over 5 hours of videos per your recommendations and started to play with it, making some mistakes but learning. Want to try and be self taucgh !!!

I have two questions

1) Is it worthwhile paying for one of the Captch services ??

2) I have tried and tried to figure this one out and cannot. I chose my keywords and entered them and the max urls harvested was 100. So i chose the keyword sex and google etc only gave me 200, I had asked to return 1000. So what am I doing wrong, sex should have give me a 1000 right?

Thanks in advance, again !!
A captcha service can increase your success rate, though I've also read great things about captcha sniper (including posts from actual sbox users and sweetfunny herself) that it works wonders with sbox. So buying that app for a one-time fee is probably way more cost-effective for you than buying captcha services.
Have you checked out sweetfunny's threads and posts about best practices for SB? You could learn a ton she's right here in this forum.
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