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    Hey guys, I just thought I'd share a fairly inspirational story/moment that happened in my life recently. Maybe it will get some of you going on your newest projects, or inspire some newbies looking for a jump-start. Here goes:

    In April~ of this current year I finally realized I was broke. Dead broke. Soon after realizing this I applied to nearly every open local job. I needed a job desperately for income. I applied to bottom-feeder places like McDonalds, Burger King, and more, simply because I needed to gain an income, and fast. I also started reading BHW at this time (despite what my join date says) actively.

    Sadly, after a while of applying to jobs, I realized that it wasn't going well. I was never even contacted for an interview. I started reading BHW more and more and was ready to give IM a shot after seeing how bad my job search was going.

    At first I was doing it all wrong though (at least in my opinion). I was trying methods left and right, and was wondering why nothing was working. I was trying to replicate the success of others by following in their exact footsteps. Soon I would realize this is not the proper way to go about making money online. Replicating exactly what they did wasn't going to bring me success.

    I needed income, and fast. At this point I had little money and I literally didn't have enough money for the next month's rent in my savings. A friend suggested I take up freelance writing, and that's exactly what I did. First I went on sites that didn't require me to find clients, like iWriter (however shamed it is around here), and Constant Content. Within a few weeks I had my iWriter account at the elite status, and had sold a few articles on Constant Content, while publishing quite a few. Soon I started to pick up clients as well. Business was booming. The income was already better than any income I would've gotten working at McDonalds or at some other minimum wage job.

    While writing to sustain my income and maintain my basic necessities, I started to invest some of my writing earnings into other ventures. I started making sites, by hand-writing content for them by myself, and started to learn SEO (thanks again BHW). It was all a learning process for me. The largest error I made when starting this kind of thing was leaving the keyword research tool on broad (whoops!). Slowly I've been working on creating authoritative sites while writing as well. It's a hell of a lot of fun and the only place I really have to thank for it is BHW.

    Although I'm not a big shot (yet) making 6-7 figures every year, I definitely have a pretty decent income now, which I'm working hard every day to expand upon. I hope to learn enough about SEO working on my own sites over this next year to be able to work locally with clients next year. IM (at least for me), has always been an ongoing journey and I'm sure it is for lots of you guys.

    I haven't even told the best part yet. Today (nearly 5 months after I applied for jobs), I get a call from McDonalds asking if I'm still interested in the job. I can't express how great it felt to tell them that I wasn't interested anymore. It was an invigorating experience and I'll never forget it.

    I'm sorry if not many of you know me. I'm usually more of a "lurker", and there aren't all that many fields I can offer help with in an expert fashion. Before people ask why I haven't donated yet either, I will be as soon as I have 100 high-quality posts (for JR Vip)!

    If I can offer one piece of advice to people out there struggling to find their place in the IM world, the best thing I can say is the usual repeated thing you see every day. Just take action, and try your best. If you truly work hard (and smart!), you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Also, join the BHW IRC, it's always great to see new people there!

    Thanks for reading this, whether you took the time to or just skimmed it. I'm forever grateful to this forum, and love each and every one of you (except STE Hughes :p).
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    Wow glad to hear that! You're absolutely right. A lot of newbies here complain because they can't make any money and that's because they're too lazy to take action. You are the complete opposite.
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    Very inspirational, unfortunately many people become so use to their low paying jobs that they create this scenario in their head that this is what they are destined to do.

    It just takes a little willpower and self motivation to get out of the system and to prove everyone else wrong. +Rep for your dedication and willingness to succeed, keep it up, and dream big bro.