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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Chronic Future, Jan 17, 2012.

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    When I told myself I wanted to be an Internet Marketer I really didn't mean it. I just wanted to make money without having to work. That's exactly what most people in this world think - that working online is just a way to make money without having to do a single bit of "real work". Well, for all the new, aspiring IM's out there that have this mindset.. CHANGE IT NOW. It is so much easier to work in a 9-to-5 job sitting behind a desk or behind a register. Making decent money online takes a LOT of effort.

    The most important thing I learned is that Internet Marketing is, simply put, A MIND GAME. When I first started, I had spent HOURS UPON HOURS of reading threads, ebooks, and everything else about methods to making money and every time I read a method I came up with some LAME EXCUSE about why I "just couldn't do it". By the time I started doing my first simple method I had read just about every method known to man..

    If you are new here and planning to stay a while, you will here this a lot: "IMPLEMENT". I cannot stress this enough. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT METHOD YOU DO. If you work at something for 30 minutes and it makes you even FIVE CENTS, then YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM IT. "Upscale"!! Don't try something one day and say "Well that only made me a dollar and I worked at it for hours..guess it's a terrible method". If you're making money then MAKE MORE!! MASTER the method and practice it RELIGIOUSLY!!

    This is a mind game. You MUST tell yourself to keep pushing.

    It's like body building. You CAN'T work out for a week and expect to see any results. The professionals have been doing it for YEARS and have been incredibly dedicated to their lifting!! Keep pushing through and DON'T SLOW DOWN. Results WILL come :cool:

    Go to YouTube and search "HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT"
    Watch it every day!!
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    Quite true, Chronic. For those who don't wish to read the long text:

    - It takes effort to succeed
    - Don't come up with lame excuses when you fail
    - Forget thinking about doing it, just implement.
    - If a method makes even a small amount, upscale the hell out of it
    - IM is a mind game
    - Keep pushing it and don't slow down
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