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Nov 3, 2009
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Hey guys, been lurking here for a week or two, trying to get enough info to get things straight, so I thought I would start out with a bit of an introduction to try and get to know people on a more personal level.

I am 18 years old, living in the more modern part of South Africa, and busy with my final year of school at the moment.
Next year I am taking a gap year and I really want to make the most of it. I am a hard working individual and very dedicated and very computer savvy.

I enjoy playing World of Warcraft when I can, Ice-Hockey (even though it is extremely rare in South Africa) and fly-fishing. I dabble a with with web design and java programming but honestly am hopeless at it when trying to teach my self haha.

I am one of those people who can't imagine working for someone else, and ideally would like to start my own business later in life. I think Internet Marketing is just down my alley but I am having a problem with getting started.

The three main elements that I am interested in is:
- Affiliate sales
- Autoblogging
- Cookie Stuffing

I have tried several tutorials on Autoblogging and been playing around with Adsense and a few affiliate sales, but I always get road blocked at the smallest problems where I cannot for the life of my find solutions to, or at least solutions that I understand.

I am not sure what the community is like here on a more personal level but if anyone is interested in chatting more on AIM/Skype/MSN about Internet Marketing (be you pro or beginning) and just generally helping each other out and giving feedback - let me know in a PM or something and I will give you my details.

Anyways sorry for the long post, bye :)
Not open for further replies.