Someone please help me get accept for google adsense


Aug 4, 2012
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This my third time that i got denied :/ and I try to add more text in my website but they still saying the same. And I own a gallery site.Insufficient content: To be approved for AdSense and show relevant ads on
your site, your pages need to have enough text on them for our specialists
to review and for our crawler to be able to determine what your pages are

To resolve this issue, please work through the following suggestions:

- Make sure that your pages have sufficient text - websites that contain
mostly images, videos or Flash animations will not be approved.
- Your content should contain complete sentences and paragraphs, not only
- Ensure that your website is fully built and launched before you apply for
AdSense - do not apply while your site?s still in a beta or ?under
construction? phase or only consists of a website template.
- Place the ad code on a live page of your website. It does not have to be
the main page, but test pages that are empty except for the AdSense ad code
will not be approved.
- Provide a clear navigation system for your visitors so that they can
easily find all of the sections and pages of your website.
- If you?d like to monetize YouTube videos, please apply for the YouTube
monetization program

Can someone please help me get in?

Thank you
do not purchase on fiver. that kind of accounts only works on youtube and blogspot.
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