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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by ichiban, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Jan 31, 2011
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    not to use your anchor text on your tier 1 web 2.0 properties....Is this correct? His logic was that you dont want your tier 1s to outrank your money site.

    I sent him a pm to get further explanation but the fucker never responded.

    Im a new student of seo & link pushing in particular and I am a bit confused. If I cant use my anchor text for my tier 1s to point back to my $$$ site then what the hell am I going to use?...LSI?.....wouldnt that defeat the purpose of SEOing the page to begin with.

    Please...I need the explanation of black hatter upperclassmen.

    Whats the protocol with anchor text for web 2.0 properties????????
  2. david wright

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    I say stop listening to what every little thing somebody in the forum says and try things for yourself. Learn for yourself what works.

    If it outranks your money site so what? Throw a couple more profile links at your money site and move it up.
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    It doesn't happen very often that the web 2.0 page will outrank your main page but it can happen. Don't listen to what that person is saying.

    Chances are you will have more than 1 tier 1 site pointing to your site which will cause your main site to have more authority. Do it and see for yourself. I would ignore most people who claim to know SEO.
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    Apr 16, 2010
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    He has some reasons to say that, but I think it's interesting to send some words with your main keyword and all them related with your keyword too.

    I usually try put my money site with a general word and my 2.0 shot for long tail words always related with my niche, so I get more "apace" in search engines and more trafic
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    Nov 25, 2010
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    Dan Theis introduced me to this concept a little while ago. Basically, say if you have your money site that is SEO'd for red widgets. And you have feeder items pointing towards your money site. Lets take for example a EZA article. You would not call it "Red Widgets - 100 Uses For Red Widgets In Today's Market" as you are now competing with your own satellite resources for the #1 red widgets ranking. You might use a higher term (in the niche heirarchy). This is more of an issue for a new site than it is for an establised site.

    You still use anchor text in your signature links though that say red widget. If he is telling you not to use anchor text at all, then he probably heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who knows dan's next door neighbours cousin.

    Situations where you do want to compete with yourself? If you have an established site in pos 1 you might try and push some of your older referring sites into the top 10 to close out some of the competition (denial of front page rankings).
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    Jericho is right on here. Usually after a dance the web 2.0 pages eventually sink and your money site emerges. But the key to good SEO is to run as many meticulous case studies as you can and go with what your own statistics tell you, not what people say on forums (Although I've seen wayyy better SEO advice given on BHW than any other so-called SEO forum).

    Think of it this way: if scientists ran around skipping the experiment stage and just acting on hearsay, we probably wouldn't even have computers in the first place.

    And anyway, not using your keyword as the anchor in Tier 1 completely defeats the purpose of the whole pyramid *rolleyes*
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  7. derpywizard

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    Sep 6, 2010
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    This. It is necessary for scientists to work with one another but if they do not even test the results of others for themselves and call them correct just because "Albert Einstein said it, so it's true", then we would have false information everywhere.

    Also if it your web 2.0 ranks than higher than your money site, it's still generally a very good thing. You will be able to capture traffic you otherwise wouldn't have and also, if it's higher than your money site but both of the properties aren't even in the top 500, no top 100, no the first page 1, then why would you even worry?
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    I don't know about that person's motivations, but when I attack a keyword my initial goal is to own the entire first page of Google for it, period. I never get all 10 spots, but I work damn hard to get as many of them as I can between my main site and web 2.0/articles.

    Then, once I've got multiple positions on the first page, I start pumping backlinks to my main site and the top 2 web 2.0/articles to keep all 3 of them on the first page and try to get them up into the top 3 spots respectively.

    It's a lot of work, and I don't always get the top 3 spots from it, but the payoff is worth it when I do. Of course, I do this with more competitive and buyer related terms only because you can't focus on tons of keywords when you're focused on owning multiple top positions for each one. You have to prioritize and narrow down to a few good terms and really hammer them.

    Still, would you rather have the #1 spots for:
    wearing skinny jeans
    pink clayborn umbrellas
    car covers that are waterproof

    Or, own the top 2 or 3 spots for:
    acne treatment

    In either case, what you have to do is the same, it's just a matter of how much you do it to get the results, and how well those results will convert. I'd rather put in the efforts to own multiple top spots for a single good term than waste my time on countless terms that are going to have less traffic and lower conversion rates.

    The bottom line, regardless of the term you're after, is why let your competitors have any of the traffic you could be taking away from them?

    You're not competing with yourself by owning multiple spots for a term, you're pulling traffic into your funnel and keeping it out of your competitor's...that's always a good thing in my opinion.