Someone already used Advidi?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by kurocygnus, Jun 12, 2015.

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    Itried to apply to Advidi affiliate program and they send an email to me with some question that i don't know how to answer, because I'm new to this.
    Someone can help me to answer this?

    1. What verticals are you currently promoting?
    2. What are your strongest GEO's?
    3. Do you do WEB or mobile?
    4. How many leads are you doing currently doing on a daily basis?
    5. How much revenue are you doing on average on a daily basis?
    6. What GEO's are you interested in to push our offers?
    7. How do you push traffic to your offers?
    8. Are you sending it directly to the offers or using pre-landers?

    The only question that I really know how to answer, is the number 3.
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    telling the truth i've never heard of them before, i looked at their site and i gathered that they're a Dutch CPA company with apparently higher standards than usual, for instance you need to make at least $1k in your first month, if you want to stay with them, knowing this, you can already answer 4., 5., you don't want to give them a low number, but too high either, when they mention GEO's (2., 6.) , they're curious about the countries where your traffic is coming from, as long as verticals go (1.), if you happened to get to the 2nd page of the application form, you can select the vertical(s) from a list, 7. is pretty self-explanatory, 8. in my personal opinion you should go with LPs

    just be consistent with your answers and write full sentences where it's applicable, not like me lol

    let's see an easy example: you promote mainly US or other tier 1 (CA, UK, AU) sweepstake email submits via social media which pay around $1.5/submit, you don't wanna go below $1000/month in earnings, so you need to pick a number which is high enough for question 4. and 5., but if you look at the application form, they're hinting $10k/month earnings there, i'd say you don't wanna choose that, but let's say go for $4.5k, so you pretty much have all the answers by now

    i can't guarantee acceptance of course, but this is a possible variation of answers which are conclusive and in my opinion can work or at least trigger a more thorough questioning from their part

    they have a good question in their application form though:
    "Will you drink a beer with your account manager if you visit Amsterdam?" i think i'd need to lie about this, because although i drink, i hate beer with all my passion lol