Some1 with a few K friends..need help gettin the ball rolling


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Feb 20, 2010
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Made a website, like, share, CPA, but nearly all my accounts got suspended so I have this website now (which I think could make quite alot) with no one to send it to! So if you have a profile or 2 with alot of friends..maybe we can work something out!
Send me the link and how u want to work this out
Send me the link and how u want to work this out

I guess just with one of these accounts, you like the page and then share it..hopefully that will attract people! I dont have any money at the moment so it'd be after I start making $$ from the page! (will most likely turn people off helping me)
Well maybe you have spare 10 bucks and buy some attention from Fiverr - this should give you some decent boost...
I think we have same method, would you chat with me for some coorporation?
contact me i sell fb accounts might be able to work some thing out with you
i've got a few accounts with 1000 to 2500 friends so could help you out. I need likes for an external article, you think we could work out an exchange?
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