Some Twitter Statistics after suspension

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    I wanted to share some statistics to hopefully help someone walking that thin line in using automated methods on Twitter. I hope this can be helpful to somebody, because it would have helped me.

    Had an aged account from 2010.
    It had 2,000 followers until 2013, when I started following 500-800 a day until I reached 42,000.
    You do the math, but I've been doing it for 3-4+ months. I missed a few days+

    -Followed 500-800 a day (automated)
    -NO automated private messages.
    -Automated posting every 45 minutes. REALISTIC posting no ads or spam. As if I were a real person.
    -I don't know for how long, but my search results would not show up for obvious reasons.
    -For 5 days after the suspension I was still getting a bunch of the automated private messages that you get from following people. (Maybe I followed too many, and it stacked too much?? Idk)
    -Suspension happened shortly after I removed "#teamfollowback" from my description. I'm not saying it has anything to do with it, but mmmayyybeee.

    I got my account immediately back after doing the captcha.
    All advice is much appreciated, on where to go from here, how many to start following again (if any) or how much to tone down the automation.

    But mainly I wanted to share this somewhere to compare situations, because there a lot of us out there doing this. If this thread isn't appropriate, delete if needed.

    Thank You BHW