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Some suggestions.

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by pdneves, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. pdneves

    pdneves Newbie

    Oct 14, 2009
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    Hello all,

    I have joined this forum almost a month ago, and been trying to follow some guides and trying some members suggestions to earn some money online.
    But till now the only money I spent was from my pockets, investing in e-books, etc etc, following all the Guru's around here. This would be nice if I could spend this money without a problem, but the thing is I can't, and why? Because I can't work since I have panic and anxiety disorder, I got fired, so I live with around 250$ a small help from the government and have to stay at home. With 27 years being at home all day, I get crazy as you know...

    And the point is that I would like if someone could give me some suggestions, or tips to help me do some monthly income, I don't ask for much, around 250$ so at least I could have 500$ per month which would help alot.
    I know this will be flamed etc etc, but I am asking for suggestions / opinions / tips and tricks. If you want to help with anything I would be very appreciated, I have my wife's domain name that is healthybloglive.com, I can't afford to buy another or change anything so I would like to use it (or not, if isnt needed) to do some income.
    PM me with some help if you want to.

    Thank you for reading, have a nice day.
  2. AtAllCosts

    AtAllCosts Junior Member

    Mar 3, 2009
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    They should setup a filter on here to catch threads like this before they see the light of day. It should look for phrases like "please help" and "i've been reading but don't know where to start" and "any help would be much appreciated"

    It'd save the moderators time, and it'd give me less noob-bashing to do.

    Get your lazy ass to the money making section bro, theres a spoonfeeding subsection in there.
  3. angelas111

    angelas111 Elite Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    look up "bum marketing"
  4. mccullum

    mccullum Power Member

    Aug 21, 2009
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    since you seem to be new to all the stuff we people do,i suggest you to spend some days here on blackhatworld and in some other Internet marketing forums.Read a lot of threads,get the point and then TAKE ACTION.Just reading things will never make money.You can start with adsense - but if want easy money,start with blackhat.It is up to you.If you are really patient and not hopping from method to method,you will make money.Remember PATIENCE is very very important at the beginning.never say the phrase I QUIT !
  5. SSL9000J

    SSL9000J Regular Member

    Oct 20, 2009
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    A / V Technician, Audio Engineer
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    Don't worry about the flamers. You'll need to grow a thick skin anyway if you plan on doing any serious IM. You're already off to a good start by looking here for information. There's probably more to be learned at BHW than anywhere else on the internet, paid for or otherwise. (Incidentally, not everything here is necessarily "Black Hat", just in case you had, you know, any qualms or anything.)

    Read the "Making Money" sections, a lot of ideas require zero capital to get started. All the software you'll ever need can be found in the downloads section, however I'd suggest starting with Google's online tools first if you're not familiar with ideas such as keywords, page rank and niche research. Be thou familiar with the search function, and Google as well. 99.9% of any questions you could think of asking have already be answered. Seek those answers yourself and you'll earn respect.

    Last but certainly not least, welcome! Best of luck in your endeavors.

    PS. I've got some disorders of my own, PM me if you feel like exchanging coping methods.