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    A friend of mine runs a website dedicated toward listing off-campus apartment complexes near local area colleges. Most SEO tips I read pertain to blogs and other sites where content will continuously be updated. This site lists apartment complexes with a brief description and contact information as well as a Google map of local attractions. The site allows one to search by College. The goal of the site is to redirect users to the main apartment complex website as he gets PPC. I have thought of a few SEO strategies. Do you think these are effective:

    1) Have page specific title tags in spun format such as | Off Campus Housing, Apartments Near (INSERT COLLEGE HERE). | Off Campus Housing, Apartments (ADDRESS HERE)

    2) Place the same in <h1></h1> tags and <meta> tags. What are your thoughts on invisible text for the <h1> tags

    3) For each apartment listing have a keywords field which lists relevant keywords such as local area attractions, intersections, main roads, colleges, etc.

    4) Populate all ALT fields with relevant information related to the listing

    Now as far as the actual backlinking is concerned I was thinking of XRUMMER blasting spun format messages such as

    "{Hi|Hello}, I just found this {good | great | awesome} place to search for Apartments near {CAMPUS-HERE}. You should check it out, I found such a great deal I am only paying {Insert LOW number here} per month!!! <link here>"

    With an xrummer blast should the links link to the homepage, content specific pages (such as the search results near UCLA), or does this not matter.

    What are your suggestions regarding paying for links? This guy has some money and would not mind paying out a little. Is there anyone on here you would suggest for this?

    On the white-hat side I would link the site to his facebook, twitter, and some other web 2.0 sites. Whenever he adds a new listing a post to these web 2.0s will be made. He has an article section where he used to write articles about renting. I would advise him to try to write at least one article a month and submit it to the various web 2.0s.

    One thing I am not clear on article submission is should the article be spun for each web 2.0 and the original one on his site, or should it be identical and just link back to his site. For example if I make a simple blogger blog should I submit the entire article to the blogger blog and link back or spin it slightly.

    Any other tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated as I am relatively new to SEO.
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    you might want to subscribe to rss feeds from the college so that there's some info that changes on each college's page to make it more attractive to the search engines.