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    Feb 22, 2010
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    I am new to the whole autoblog thing and I have some questions.

    First off realistically speaking what should expect to make when first starting off? I do plan on putting in some time and effort into this. Saying that I don't expect to make 10k off the bat, tho I do have a goal to make a decent amount of money down the road tho. By decent I am talking about a couple grand a month or so, which seems to be a realistic thing to make happen from reading the threads here.

    Realistically speaking how much time would I generally expect to spend to get an autoblog with decent amount of traffic? I am not new to SEO and what have you as I have run websites in the past and I can generally get 1k visits per month. But this autoblog thing seems to take on different routes when it comes to promoting.

    What would be be the best place to start with this so I can get my feet wet and go forth? Should I start with first and once I get some money coming in move to paid hosting? I do have money to pay for hosting, but I more prefer to start someplace that is free and go from there. As that way I can cut my losses better.

    Last what would be the best ad company to go with on this? I already have adsense. But I am not sure if they would like me posting my adsense code all over the place. As I would like to use ad friend autoblog companies.