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    5 years ago I had some google pages sites. I went to the bookstore, bought some books, summarized the "how-to's" from them and threw some relevant pictures for each topic.

    Now I can't remember the passwords to change those sites, and the adsense on them isn't linked (somehow) to my adsense account. A month ago I logged into adsense for the first time in 3+ years, and it required me to verify with a pin they mailed me, now my adsense account is live but those ads on those early sites don't do anything. I have those sites in my google webmaster tools and I can see they have a little traffic, over several years that should have been something more than 0.

    Now I'm wondering if I scrape the content of those into new sites, should I DCMA those sites or something so they're not competing with my new branch?

    The other part of my question is in regards to setting up my new empire. I have a main domain name. The sites on that domain are thatdomaincom/thesite Eventually I'll buy domains for each to point at them to clean up the URL, but some of the topics for each site aren't exactly related to each other. So I have a really random range of keywords across the various pages. Is that alright? Should I take any keywords off the landing page that are on the other pages but arent in the landing content?

    I just made a WPdotcom site with a couple posts directing to my main site, with some images and unique articles. On my main site, I'm setting up some pages individually targeted at certain keywords which will have the adsense on them.

    I'm going to register a pinterest account, and post pictures there hoping to get some traffic from it. The thing is, I'm not doing photography, so can I post images like this on pinterest?

    I've been making games for 2 years but haven't polished them enough to sell, it's so complex and takes forever(programming is easy, polished art is hard), so in the meantime I wanted to roll all my content/experience from that into various sites targeted at several different audiences. One will be people looking to make games themselves, one will be people looking for certain genres of games, one will be actual code tutorials for people already making games.

    Earlier this week I noticed my development blog isn't even indexed by google. I have a link to the blog on a youtube account and in a gaming forum I frequent where most of my traffic comes from. Google just started crawling it but the statistics aren't great. I just went through and tagged my posts better, cross referenced with adwords keyword tool etc.

    One of the games I'm working on has low/medium competition and XX million searches monthly according to adwords. It's a genre for children and if I actually finish the game I'll be the first in the app store with it, somehow. I was looking at capitalizing on that keyword traffic on a specific page. I made a page with lots of original art(screenshots) and a runthrough of the history making it I was hoping some people will come there and click on an ad to other mobile games.

    I have 3 youtube accounts, I'm not sure if I should start linking from all 3? I posted a link on reddit which didn't do much but it didn't get a single down vote, all were 100% positive. Most people wanted to know the game to try it and since it's not published things ended there.

    I started to post videos/links to my dev site from Google+ as well.

    So I guess my question is will it hurt me to have various sites hosted from the same domain. If I post images that are on my main site on the blogging sites, google will probably index those since they're from a higher PR website? Then maybe they'd come to my money site? Do you guys just blog text on the "outer" level sites?

    I also have a flickr account I started linking from. I posted a screenshot like the one above ^ and an anchor text in the description with a link.

    Now once I've got my exterior site framework linking back to me, how many times per week would you post original articles I write? I could talk forever about game making so it's not really a problem to post/spin them.

    Thanks for any insight.
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    As you want to start it from the very beginning then i would say that you should discard all the things which you built previously in order to get a new result from your new site.